Hearts filled with inconsolable sorrow and an unfathomable void within forcing us to reconcile our being alive when His Holiness Syedna – va – Maulana Abul Qaid Johar Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (RA) is no more amongst us, our consolation is to be best found in the pious personage of the 53rdDai al Mutlaq Syedna – va – Maulana Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS).

            Howsoever hard we may try a befitting tribute is just not possible to honour and commemorate the memory of His Holiness (RA).  Let me place these feeble heartbeats from the depths of an anguished heart, sunk in grief, yet vibrant enough because of an unstoppable stream of memories that dares to burst out.

            His Holiness (RA) was a towering personality in the realm of Islam.

            His Holiness (RA) was undoubtedly the Azeem – us – Shaan Qaid-e-Millat non pareil whose loss can never be compensated.

            His Holiness (RA) preached what he diligently practiced all His Holiness (RA) life.

            His Holiness (RA) was the visible epitome of the true and pristine Islamic religiousness in word and deed.

            His Holiness (RA) never faulted, never delayed nor abstained from the pursuit of the compulsory and the obligatory duties enshrined in The Holy Book of Allah and The most Hallowed Ahadis of The Chosen Prophet Mohammed Mustafa SAW and the lofty precepts of Maula Ali – ul – Aala, (SA).

            In mundane matters such as dress His Holiness (RA) caused the million plus followers to adopt the pure white as visible symbol of, as well as, the inner purity of being Mumineen and Muslims in real sense as prescribed by The Holy Prophet SAW, The Wasi-ul-Aalaa Maula Ali (AS), The Pak Panjetan, The Fatimi Imaams and The Doat ul – Mutlaqeen of the Daur-us-Satr.  This was so palpably evident in the sea of pure white surrounding the funeral cortege as it wended its way to The Glorious Raudat Tahera, the final earthly aaramgah by the side of His Holiness (RA) most illustrious father, mentor, guide and Spiritual Allamah, Dr Taher Saifuddin (RA). Often the limitless mass seemed to circumambulate around the Janaza Mubarak, reminding one of the scene of Baitullah.

            His Holiness (RA) has left behind for generations to come a rich legacy of numerous monuments reflecting the spiritual longing within, embellished by the beautifully landscaped gardens and comfortable modern habitats for all pilgrims. The pilgrims long to return, again and again, for spiritual solace as well as physical comfort amidst the sublime surroundings.  For this alone His Holiness (RA) has left in the hearts of His Holiness (RA) followers an indelible imprint.

            Education, both deeni – va – duniyavi, was ever so dear to His Holiness (RA) heart.  In tune with the times hundreds of deeni madaaris – cum – schools sprouted wherever sizeable Dawoodi Bohra clusters (as far as Africa, Singapore, Hongkong, EU, UK & USA) took roots.  This too is such a priceless gift that none can estimate its real worth.

            Numerically, the microscopic Dawoodi Bohra Community may not claim a mention in the world’s demographic analysis except as a footnote; yet, just as an atom in the atomic power fission / fusion process plays the most powerful catalyst the micro oft excels many a macro complex. In truth, this MACRO STATUS is boldly visible across the Indian coastline as you approach the city of Mumbai from the western coastline – more than the Gateway of India or the Taj Hotel – THE SAIFEE HOSPITAL stands out majestically both by its size and its unique architectural elegance.   This too is the veritable tribute to His Holiness (RA) vision of healthcare for His Holiness (RA) community and the citizens of His Holiness beloved Mumbai and the love and affection displayed by His Holiness (RA)‘s Indian origin.

            Raudat Tahera at Mumbai, The Mausoleum of Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed at Ahmedabad, The AL – ANWAR at Cairo and many others are the ever alive testimony of His Holiness (RA) reverential and nobly glorified offering to the hallowed memory of the sanctified saints and warriors of His Holiness (RA) predecessors whose lives were clothed in sacred piety and relentless struggle to honour the pledge they had vowed to preserve and protect the holy mission of The Fatimi Imamate entrusted unto them.  These holy mausoleums are ever so soul inspiring and spiritually uplifting that under the shade of the pious aayats of Allah’s celestial oration, The Zikrun Mumbarakun on all four sides, the person stands entranced by heartwarming veneration within the holy precincts.  He is filled with an overpowering aura of godliness, humility, humbleness and simply prays to seek the benign grace of Allah to become a much better human being than ever before.

            His Holiness (RA) life will forever remain an unforgettable lofty guidance, and the beacon light for all devotees to walk along the path of righteousness preached day in and day out wherever His Holiness (RA) went to be amongst the beloved followers, the spiritually bound family of 12 lacks + devotees. His Holiness (RA) relentless travel to meet the beloved followers is a world record.

            His Holiness (RA) adorned the throne of The Fatimi viraasat as the 52ndDoat –us- Satr with the same immaculate perfection and consummate distinction as the 51stDai al Mutlaq His Holiness Dr. Taher Saifuddin (RA). An adna semi-literate gulam like me is unfit to pen a tribute to the innumerable noble attributes befitting the lustrous reign of His Holiness (RA) as the Azeem – us – Shaan Qaid – e – Qaum in all matters – Spiritual and Temporal – as was faultlessly accomplished by His Holiness Syedna – va – Maulana Abul Qaid Johar Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (RA).

by  Fakhruddin Vanak (Chennai)

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