BADRE MUNEER magazine is  specifically and essentially published for the DawoodiBohra Community – the followers of  53rd Dai-al-Mutlaq His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb TUS.

It is an upbeat, feel-good, positive magazine, used to spread awareness about religious events and happenings historical facts. Readership to this optimistically feel-good magazine spans across the age groups of 15 to 75 years, globally. Articles cover a wide-variety of subjects with the purpose to infuse happiness and positive thoughts in readers. In the twenty five years of its existence, it has grown immensely popular and has subscribers all over the world.

The basic aim of the editorial contents is to provide good thoughts, generating pious and positive feelings amongst its readers and pays tribute to people doing social work. Not a single thought is negative in its entire editorial contents.

The magazine averages100 pages per month currently, is published regularly in three languages (trilingual) – English, Gujarati and Arabic. In March 2011, the magazine had 800 pages, which was published in two volumes each of 400 pages, had merited mention in LIMCA Book of World Records & India Book of Records.

The March 2011 edition was the largest ever volume of a registered news magazine ever

Innovations simultaneously took place in making the magazine more interesting, more reader friendly and interactive. New topics were added. Topics that would appeal to all age groups. For the first time amongst community magazines, emphasis was laid in presentation, layout & designing and making color pages a regular feature every month.

We pledge to maintain this standard and quality of the magazine, we pledge to continue with constant innovations, we pledge to make it more and more reader friendly, more reader inter-active. Insha’Allah.

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