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: kpdN°u :

1 qL$gp¡ L$pmu Öpn

1/2 qL$gp¡ Mp„X$ (b°pD_ kyNf hp`fu iL$pe)

11/2 \u 2 V$uõ`y_ kpBqV²$L$ A¡kuX$

(gpBd S>eyk hp`fu iL$pe)

\p¡X$p fp¡T A¡k¡Þk_p V$u`p

2 L$` `pZu

: fus :

=  Öpn_p X$]V$p L$pY$u s¡_¡ ^p¡B kpa L$fhu. Öpn_¡ dkmu_¡  âhplu (rgqL$hX$pBT) b_php¡ S>¡\u bu A_¡ R>pg Sy>v$p `X$u S>i¡. Npmu_¡ fk L$pY$hp¡.

=  bpL$u fl¡gp Ly$Qpdp \p¡Xy$ `pZu _pMu afu\u âhplu (rgqL$hX$pBT) b_php¡. bu A_¡ R>pg_p¡ Ly„$Qp¡ a¡L$u v¡$hp¡ A_¡  Ap âhplu b_ph¡gy (rgqL$hX$pCT L$f¡gy) `pZu qL$Q_dpõV$fdp Npmu Öpn_p fk kp\¡ rd¼k L$fhy.

=  Öpn_p fkdp Mp„X$ s\p g]by_p azg (kpBqV²$L$ A¡kuX$) _pMhp. kp^pfZ Nfd L$fu Mp„X$ Ap¡Nm¡ A¡V$g¡ _uQ¡ Dspfu g¡hy. fk QpMu g¡hp¡ A_¡ S>ê$f gpN¡ sp¡ h^pf¡ Mp„X$ A\hp kpBqV²$L$ A¡kuX$ _pMhp.

=       fk_¡ afu\u Npmu g¡hp¡. fk W„$X$p¡ L$fhp¡. A¡k¡Þk Dd¡fhy. `ufksu hMs¡ Ágpkdp \p¡X$p bfa_p Vy$L$X$p _pMu fk f¡X$hp¡. kp\¡ Æfp-dfu_p¡ dkpgp¡ _pMu_¡ r`fku iL$pe.


L¡$gfu = 1600

Black Currant Juice



1 kg black raisins

  ½ kg sugar

(brown sugar can be used)

1½ to 2 tea spoons citric acid

(lime juice can be used)

few drops rose essence

2 cups water


: Method :

Wash and clean the grapes thoroughly after removing the stems.   Then liquidize them so that the seed and the skin will be separated.  Strain the juice.

=   Add water to the left over seeds and skin. Luquidize them again.  Throw away the seeds and skin and add the juice to the juice strained earlier.

=   Now add, sugar and citric acid to the juice.  Heat moderately till the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat,  taste the juice.  If necessary add sugar or citric acid.

=          Now strain the juice once more. Add essence then cool it in the fridge and serve chilled with ice cubes.   You can add cumin-pepper powder to juice while serving.

Calories = 1600

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