äzV$ N¡V$p¡

: kpdN°u :

1 õ`p¢S> L¡$L$

1 äzV$ L$p¡L$V¡$g_p¡ _p_p¡ X$åbp¡

(spÅ amp¡ h^pf¡ kpfp)

200 N°pd spÆ gp¡-a¡V$ ¾$ud – rQëX$ L$f¡gu

4 V¡$bg õ`yÞk v$m¡gu Mp„X$

1 V$u õ`y_ h_ugp A¡k¡Þk

2 V$u õ`yÞk õV²$p¡b¡fu Åd


: fus :

=  L¡$L$_p ApX$p A¡L$ kfMp cpN L$fp¡ S>¡\u b¡ kfMp Np¡m cpN dmu fl¡.

=  âÐe¡L$ Np¡m cpN D`f `f äzV$_p X$åbp_p¡ fk (A\hp QpkZu) _pMu \p¡X$p cu_p L$fp¡.  Ðepfbpv$ b„_¡ Np¡mp `f Åd gNpX$p¡. amp¡_p _p_p Vy$L$X$p L$fp¡.

=  W„$X$p ¾$uddp v$m¡gu Mp„X$, A¡k¡Þk _pMu Myb auZp¡. QdQp\u JQL$hpdp Aph¡ sp¡ V$p¡Q S>¡hy b_hy Å¡BA¡.

=  krh¯N àg¡V$dp L¡$L$_p¡ 1 cpN dyL$p¡.  s¡_u D`f bfpbf ¾$ud gNpX$p¡.  ¾$ud `f \p¡X$p am `p\fp¡.

=  L¡$L$_p buÅ cpN `f ¾$ud gNpX$u, ¾$udhpmp¡ cpN _uQ¡_u sfa fl¡ s¡d äzV$ `f Np¡W$hu v$p¡. lgL¡$ lp\¡ v$bphp¡.

=       lmh¡\u v$bphp¡. L¡$L$_p D`f_p cpN D`f bpL$u_y ¾$ud gNpX$p¡. kÅhV$ L$fp¡ A_¡ `ufkp¡.

L¡$gfu = 2200

Fruit Getaue


1 sponge cake

1 small tin of fruit cocktail

(fresh fruits can be used)

200 grams fresh low fat cream – chilled

4 table spoons powdered sugar

1 tea spoon vanila essence

2 tea spoons strawberry jam


: Method :

=   Cut the sponge cake horizontally in two equal parts, so that you have  two round cake.

=   Sprinkle syrup from the fruit tin (or sugar syrup) on both the cakes.  Then apply jam on both.  Cut the fruits in very small pieces.

=   Add powdered sugar, essence to the chilled cream and beat till light and flufy.

=   Now place one part of the cake in the serving dish. Spread some cream on it.  Then  place fruits on the cream.

=   Spread cream over the second part of the cake and place it on the first part,  with the cream side down. 

=          Press lightly.  Cover the  top of the cake with remaining cream. Decorate and serve.

Calories = 2200

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