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: kpdN°u :

60 N°pd Ly$L$]N Qp¡L$g¡V$

3 V¡$bgõ`y_ L$p¡_®agp¡f

3/4 L$` Mp„X$ (b°pD_ kyNf hp`fu iL$pe)

1 L$` `pZu

1/f V¡$bgõ`y_ gp¡-a¡V$ dpMZ

h_ugp A¡k¡Þk, \p¡X$p V$u`p


: fus :

=  A¡L$ s`¡gudp L$p¡_®agp¡f s\p Mp„X$ c¡Np L$fhp. \p¡Xy$ `pZu f¡X$u `¡õV$ b_phhu. bpL$u_y `pZu Nfd dyL$hy.

=  `pZu EL$mhp Aph¡ A¡V$g¡ sp` A¡L$v$d ^udp¡ L$fu Qp¡L$g¡V$_p _p_p `uk s\p dpMZ _pMhp.

=  Qp¡L$g¡V$ Ap¡Nm¡ A¡V$g¡ L$p¡_®agp¡f `¡õV$ _pMu ^udp sp`¡ OË$ \pe Ðep„ ky^u kss lgphhy.

=  OË$ \pe A¡V$g¡ _uQ¡ Dspfu g¡hy. W„$X$p `pZudp kp¡k_u s`¡gu dyL$u lgphu_¡ kp¡k W„$X$p¡ L$fhp¡ A_¡ Ðepfbpv$ h_ugp A¡k¡Þk _pMhy.

=       L¡$L$$ A\hp ApBõ¾$ud D`f Ap Qp¡L$g¡V$ kp¡k f¡X$u_¡ dÅ dpZp¡.$

L¡$gfu = 1000

Chocolate Sauce

: Ingredients :

60 grams cooking chocolate

3 table spoons cornflour

3/4 cup sugar

(brown sugar can be used)

1 cup water

½  table spoon low fat butter

vanila  essence, few drops


:  Method :

=   Mix cornflour and sugar in a pan. Add water and make paste. Heat the rest of the water.

=   When it starts boiling,  lower the flame and put butter and  chocolate pieces.

=   Add the cornflour paste, to the chocolate when it melts.  Stir till it thickens.

=   Remove from heat and cool it by placing the pan in cold water. Add vanila essence when cool.

=          Serve with cakes or ice cream and  enjoy.

Calories = 1000

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