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: kpdN°u :

500 N°pd QZp_u v$pm

20 N°pd ÆZu L$p`¡gu L$p¡\duf

20 N°pd L$p¡_®agp¡f

200 N°pd Np¡ís_p¡ Mudp¡

1 àepT, ÆZu L$p`¡gu

2 gugp dfQp, L$p`¡gp

Apvy$, ÆÏ L$p`¡gy

20 N°pd Nfd dkpgp `pDX$f

S>ê$f dyS>b s¡g

_dL$ õhpv$p_ykpf


: fus :

=  QZp_u v$pm_¡ bpau gp¡. s¡dp L$p¡\duf Dd¡fp¡. lh¡ rdÞkfdp Mudp S>¡hy b_php¡.

=  Ap rdîZdp L$p¡_®agp¡f A_¡ _dL$ Dd¡fu A_¡ kfMu fus¡ rdL$k L$fp¡. kpBX$dp fpMp¡.

=  lh¡ Mudp¡, àepT, gugp dfQp, Apvy$, Nfd dkpgp¡ A_¡ _dL$ Ap b^y kfMu fus¡ rdL$k L$fp¡.

=       lh¡ Ap rdîZ_p _p_p _p_p Np¡mp b_php¡. Ap Np¡mp D`f QZp_u v$pmhpmp rdîZ_y L$p¡qV„$N L$fp¡. lh¡ Nfd s¡gdp ^udu Ap„Q¡ `pL$u Åe Ðép„ ky^u smu gp¡. `ufkhp dpV¡$ s¥epf. Nfd Nfd `ufkp¡.

L¡$gfu = 950

Rogini Kabab


500 grams chana daal

20 grams  coriander leaves, chopped

20 grams cornflour

200 grams  mutton mince

1 onion,  chopped

2 green chillies,  chopped

ginger,  julienned

20 grams garam masala powder

oil for frying

salt to taste


: Method :

=   Boil the chana daal. Add chopped coriander leaves and pass through a mincer.

=   Add cornflour and salt.  Mix well and keep aside.

=   Mix the mutton mince, onion,  green chillies,  ginger,  garam masala powder and salt well. 

=          Divide the mixture into equal sized balls.  Coat the balls with chana daal mixture and fry in hot oil on gentle heat till done.  Serve hot.

Calories = 950

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