Of all the heavenly Books revealed to the different Prophets for the guidance of mankind the holy Qur’an occupies a unique position in the sense that it is meant for all times and classes till the day of Judgment. Because it is the last word of Allah after which no revealed book is to come.

            Islam is a perfect religion, so it touches every aspect of human activity therefore the Qur’an, the Book of Allah contains a complete guidance of life which is certainly required by man all the times in all the places.

            Qur’an is not a Book containing theories but it is the Book, which always exhorts mankind to practice and action. It always extends an invitation to think, to contemplate over the mysteries of the universe. It is the Book not only to recite but also to understand and to apply the instructions in one’s own life. The Qur’an contains revolutionary ideas so that a man lying in the deep dark ditch of degradation can come up and soar high to reach the zenith of greatness and glory.

            Maulana Ali (SA), the greatest expounder of the Qur’an, the unmatched scholar of Islam and an orator of highest calibre, speaks of the Qur’an in the following words. “At such a time Allah sent RasulAllah (SAW), the means of revealing his command, bringing Muslims out of chaos carrying the message of peace, and prosperity of mankind.”

            This Book contains such knowledge of enlightenment that it shall never be ineffective, futile or fruitless. It carries in its words, wisdom so deep, that an ordinary man cannot actually reach its depth, it is a highway, which will not mislead anybody, and it is alight which will never die out. It creates such distinction between truth and falsehood that its decisions will never be proved wrong. It is the cure for perversity of minds. It is a power, which cannot be overthrown. It is the truth personified. It is a mine of faith, a spring of knowledge and a fountainhead of equity and justice.

            The wisdom that this Book contains and the learning, which it imparts, cannot be exhausted. It is such a distinction that those who aim to reach it will never go astray. It is such a landmark that those who follow the path of truth will never miss it. It is such a sublime source of information that nothing can surpass it. Allah has made it a blessing for learned wise and pious persons and an unfailing remedy for the wicked, and a source of illumination for those in the depths of darkness. It is powerful binding force to keep men within the bonds of truth, faith and love. It is the safest refuge from sin and vice. It is the harbinger for peace for humanity. It honors those who accept it, guides those who follow it, profits those who act according to its distinction, and it acts as a sound argument for those who speak through it.

            It brings success to those who embrace it. It is the quickest and shortest way to salvation for those who formulate their lives according to its tenants. It is the easiest and best form of explanation for those who need to understand the principals of truth and piety.

            So far as the history of mankind is concerned, it is the best source of information, and so far as justice and equity is concerned it is the best code of law. It is an undeniable fact that the Book by itself cannot teach and guide its readers because there is every possibility of misunderstanding and mis-interpretations, and so it is but necessary that the teachings of Qur’an be directly taken from RasulAllah (SAW) or his Ahle Bait (SA), keeping this in view RasulAllah (SAW) declared. “I leave among you the two things, the book of Allah and my Itrat, the Ahle Bait (SA), if you hold fast to them you will never go astray and these two will never part from each other till they meet me at the heavenly fountains of Kausar.”

-by Aliasger Shk.Saifuddin Rasheed

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