L$p¡_® A_¡ `pgL$ `ygph

: kpdN°u :

2 Ad¡fuL$_ dL$pB

2 `yX$u `pgL$_u cpÆ

1 L$ugp¡ Np¡ís (gkZ-Apvy$ `¡õV$dp bpa¡gy)

1 qL$gp¡ bpkdsu Qphg (AX$^p bpa¡gp, `pZu r_spfu_¡ bpSy> `f fpM¡gp)

2 V¡$bg õ`yÞk Apvy$-gkZ `¡õV$

2 V$uõ`y_ Æê$

2 V$uõ`yÞk gkZ, r`k¡gy

1 L$` _prme¡f vy$^ `phX$f

2 V¡$bg õ`yÞk gp¡-a¡V$ dpMZ

gugp dfQp

_dL$ õhpv$p_ykpf


: fus :

=  dpMZdp Æê$, gkZ, bpa¡gp¡ Np¡ís, `pgL $cpÆ, dL$pB, _pmue¡f_p¡ `pDX$f A_¡ gugp dfQp Dd¡fp¡. Qphg  Dd¡fp¡.

=       hpkZ_¡ Y$p„L$Zp\u Y$p„L$u_¡ afs¡ gyNv$u gNpX$u_¡ v$d sfuL$pku `L$php¡. Nfd `ufkp¡.

L¡$gfu = 2000

Corn And Spinach Pulao


2  american corn

3 bunches  spinach

1 kg mutton –  boiled in ginger-garlic paste

1 kg basmati rice,  half cooked (strain and keep aside)

2 table spoons ginger- garlic paste

2 tea spoons cumin seeds

 2 tea spoons garlic paste

 1 cup coconut milk powder

 2 table spoons low fat  butter

green chillies,   salt to taste



=   In butter add cumin seeds, garlic,  boiled mutton,  spinach sliced,  corn kernels,  coconut powder and green chillies. 

=          Add rice   to this and keep for dum method cooking   till cooked.  Serve hot.

Calories = 2000

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