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: kpdN°u :

11/2 L$` DL$pm¡gy [õL$çX$

(dgpB L$pY$u gu^¡gy)  A\hp V$p¡ÞX$ vy$^

2 V¡$bg õ`yÞk L$õV$X®$ `pDX$f

175 N°pd b°pD_ b°¡X$_p Vy$L$X$p

1/3 L$` A\hp õhpv$ dyS>b Mp„X$

1 V$u õ`y_ Nfd dkpgp¡

1/f V$u õ`y_ h¡_ugp A¡k¡Þk

1/f L$`  L$pmu Öpn (kyL$u)

: fus :

=  1/4 L$` vy$^dp L$õV$X®$ `pDX$f c¡mhu_¡ _fd `¡õV$ b_php¡. bpL$u_p vy$^_¡ DL$pmp¡.

=  sp` `f\u Dspfu L$õV$X®$ `pDX$f_u `¡õV$ s¡dp A¡L$fk \B Åe s¡ fus¡ c¡mhp¡.

=  lh¡ s¡dp L$pmu Öpn rkhpe b°¡X$_p Vy$L$X$p krls b^uS> kpdN°u Dd¡fp¡ A_¡ bfpbf d¡mhp¡.

=  `yqX„$N dp¡ëX$ (hpkZ) A\hp A¡L$ dp¡V$p¡ hpV$L$p¡ gB s¡dp L$pmu Öpn `p\fp¡ A_¡ s¡_p D`f s¥epf L$f¡gy rdîZ `p\fp¡. Y$p„L$Ï bfpbf b„^ L$fp¡.

=  â¡if Ly$L$fdp Ap dp¡ëX$_¡ lmh¡\u dyL$u 15 rdr_V$ ky^u `L$php¡.

=  sp` `f\u Dspfu gp¡.

=  LyL$fdp\u hfpm r_L$mu Åe A¡V$g¡ lmh¡\u dp¡ëX$_¡ bplf L$pY$p¡. dp¡ëX$_¡ J^y L$fsp lzAp `yqX„$N_¡ L$pmÆ`yh®L$ kh…N bpDgdp L$pY$p¡.

=        d_Ndsp kyL$p d¡hp hX¡$ kÅhp¡. Qplp¡ sp¡ W„$Xy$ ep Nfd Qp¡L$g¡V$ kp¡k _pMu_¡ kh® L$fu iL$pe.

L¡$gfu = 260

Black Cup Pudding

: Ingredients :

1 1/2 cup skimmed or toned milk

2 table spoons custard powder

175 grams brown bread crumbs

1/3 cup brown sugar or to taste

1 tea spoon mixed spice powder

1/2 tea spoon vanila essence

1/2 cup dark raisins


:  Method :

=   Mix 1/4 cup milk with custard powder and prepare a smooth paste. Boil the remaining milk.

=   Remove from heat and blend into the custard powder paste.

=   Mix in the bread crumbs and all the remaining ingredients, except raisins.

=   Arrange a layer of raisins at the base of a pudding mould.  Pour the bread crumb mixture over  it.  Secure the lid.

=   Gently put the pudding mould in the pressure cooker and cook  for 15 minutes.

=   Remove from heat. 

=   When the pressure drops, remove the mould from the pressure cooker and invert it on a serving bowl.

=             Serve the pudding with dry fruits or hot or chilled chocolate sauce.

Calories = 260

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