On 9th.Moharrum 1435 vaaz, AqaMaulaSyednaMufaddalSaifuddin TUS said that to see green colour is very soothing to eyes and the brain.

            The Arabic word for “greenness” is mentioned several times in the Qur’an, describing the state of the inhabitants of paradise. Examples include:

Reclining on green Cushions and rich Carpets of beauty – SuraArRehman( 55), 76.

            When we divide the spectrum of light from the Sun or other hot objects like the filament of incandescent lamp, we see a rainbow colour from red to purple. But many of our modern light sources are not incandescent, like the computer  screen light, they create light by exciting atoms in other ways. Some of the colours due to their different wavelengths are considered more sensitive than others and thus has better or worse effects on our body and life.

            The human eye has cells in retina that detects three colours with different wavelengths, of these the green colour has medium wavelength which is considerered more smoothing to eyes than other colours.

            Colour vision is a result of cone cells in our retina. People with normal vision have 3 cone cell types: red, green blue. Of the 6-7million you have, 45% are green. Therefore, our eyes need to work less to perceive colour. Dark greens (pine tree green) are one of the most relaxing colours.

            Colour green not only can absorb harmful UV rays of strong light, but also reduce glare. It can eliminate fatigue of eyes and anxiety by seeing the natural views far away. However, the pure green colour couldn’t help your eyesight. Green is the colour of nature that means most of the plants are green. Although you place a lot of green colored objects in your place, it isn’t beneficial for your eyes if the distance is less than 33 centimeter. It is known that the green colour eases the vision due to its small vision area in addition to its medium wave length which is shorter than the red one and longer that the blue one.

            Green has great healing power. Green is very restful to the eye and it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum to red, which is also the most emotionally charged colour. So looking at green not gives your eyes a break, it calms you emotionally.

            Which colours trigger which feelings for us?

            Being completely conscious about what colour triggers us to think in which way isn’t always obvious. Scientistis  have come up with an amazing breakdown that shows which colors are best for whom and why. How  green is beneficial in many ways –

: Green :

            The colors of light created by our artificial light sources play a large part in determining both the quality of illumination they provide, and the levels of undesirable environmental impacts which they create.

            Much more research needs to be done to investigate and quantify how different wavelengths of light interact with our environment, but we do already have a substantial amount of data. It seems clear that many negative, unintended effects are notably increased in shorter, bluer wavelengths of light.

            Because it is reported that bright colours make our eyes easily feel exhausted, dark colours make us gloomy and light colours make us comfortable. Green belongs to light colours. What is more, red and yellow give us an impression of brilliance while cyan and green give us an impression of cool and comfort. To people’s nervous system, cerebral cortex and retina,  green and its shades are more suitable because they can absorb more ultraviolet rays which do harm to our eyes and reduce more strong lights than other colours. But what green colour is good for eyes health does not mean that green can protect our eyes. It means that look the beauty of nature around us can help our eyes relieve fatigue. If you see something within 33 cm, you will recognize there is no use to help our eyes relieve at all. So after stressful study or work, you should overlook the view and have a break.

Psychologists comment on green colour:

            Psychologists  state  that colours exert a marked influence on humans. In order to prove  this idea  a number of experiments have been conducted,  demonstrating how colours  affect our enthusiasm and  wariness, it also gives a cold or warm feeling, brings happiness and sadness and  have an impact on our personality and the way we see life.

            Nowadays hospitals weigh up  the role colours play in changing the inner of human beings, by taking into account the specialists suggestions about the colours that should be used inside  hospitals for the walls and clothing.

            Trials have indicated the stimulation of the nervous system by the yellow colour. The orange brings reassurance and calm, The blue makes people feel cold unlike the red which makes them feel warm. However, it was found that the colour of joy and happiness is the green, which makes it the favouritecolour for surgical rooms and surgeon’s uniform.

            One example concerning this tremendous effects colours have, comes to our minds, concerning the experiment that was carried in a London bridge called “black friar” known as the suicide bridge, as many of the suicides were committed from it. When its colour was changed from grey to a nice green colour the rate of suicide has declined enormously. Protecting the eye vision and keeping the eyes away from the getting eye diseases should start from the healthy diet. What your mother told you is right. The green plants, such as carrot, spinach, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomatoes and so on, contain a lot of vitamin A which has close relationship with normal vision. If vitamin A is in deficiency, the rhodopsin qualitative regeneration speed will be slow and incomplete. Since the dark adaptation time extends and become serious, it will cause an eye disorder called nyctalopia.

by Dr. Shk. Shabbirbhai S. Adenwala (Dubai)

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