The Fatemi thought process is based upon two important characteristics namely mehsus (exoteric) and maqul (esoteric). Mahsus is a way to attain maqul knowledge. Hence it is a way to bring out maqul from mahsus.

            Discussions about educational awareness have always been the most influential issue for the world. Like what to teach, how to teach, when to teach and finally what is the impact of teaching? It is hard to specify its clause and to invent a perfect way for it, but one thing is surely needed in both educational system and curriculum designing, that it should be based on applications and mainly limitations; so that a student’s cognitive skills can be developed.

            The perception of knowledge is based upon a very natural methodology that is acquiring by the senses to the brain. The brain is trained to obtain any kind of information or knowledge by the senses of a human being. The sharper the senses develop – the better the perception becomes.

            The philosophers and scholars have derived such ways and effective roadmaps to the brain that enlightens and sharpens the senses of perceiving knowledge.

            That is the reason why our traditional methodologies of imparting knowledge to the next generation – a teacher to a student who eventually will become a teacher and will up bring another student – is constant and same.

            Now all kind of knowledge and information is highly based upon the route from MAHSUSAAT to MAQULAAT in almost every type and kind of knowledge.

            Every knowledge has influences on either human senses – such as in different sciences, music, literature and etc. let us put a glimpse on some of the subjects of knowledge which if acquired by this route of perception can give a better vision to the knowledge itself and a wider observation to the nature and world.

            The method is simple if broadly but precisely viewed, to reach a certain place or information there is always a map or a route, and the route is made due to the difference or distance between you and the that particular so that the route helps you reach there. Once the designation is reached the mystery and the reason of directions is solved or to say the code is decoded which could be stated as “Knowledge Acquired”.

            For example an author or a poet is a very good example of how the perception of mahsusaat leads to describe and convey maqulaat. The poet or author observes the nature surrounding him, the environment, the society, and the cultural acts – all in physical form. Then he converts those structures of observation into thought and then conveys them to his writings, making the reader feel the same. Every knowledge is acquired by this simple method, the nature is made by the utmost superior being – therefore the rational being needs to react according to the systems of nature known as Mahsusaat. The Zaher, Physical knowledge or nature is just a merging route from Mahsoosaat to Maqoolaat.

– by Mustafa Anjarwala

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