Ad°uskfu `_uf

: kpdN°u :

250 N°pd `_uf, gp„bp `uk L$f¡gy

2 V¡$bg õ`yÞk Apvy$-gkZ_u `¡õV$

1/f V$uõ`y_ AS>hpB_ (AS>dp¡)

1/f V$u õ`y_ gpg dfQy

4-5 V¡$bgõ`yÞk QZp_p¡ gp¡V$

R>p„V$hp dpV¡$ QpV$ dkpgp¡

smhp dpV¡$ s¡g

_dL$ õhpv$p_ykpf


: fus :

=  Apvy$-gkZ_u `¡õV$dp AS>hpB_ (AS>dp¡), _dL$ A_¡ dfQy duL$k L$fhy.

=  Ap rdîZ_¡ `_uf_p `uk D`f gNphu A_¡ `ufkhp_p hMs ky^u fl¡hp v$p¡.

=  Ðepfbpv$ `_uf_p `uk D`f QZp_p¡ gp¡V$ R>p„V$u A_¡ `_uf afs¡ gp¡V$ gpNu Åe A¡ fus¡ du¼k L$fp¡.

=       s¡g Nfd dyL$u `_uf_¡ smu gp¡. QpV$ dkpgp¡ R>p„V$u A_¡ NfdpNfd `ufkp¡.

L¡$gfu = 320

Amritsari Paneer


250 grams cottage cheese, 

cut into long cubes

2 table spoons ginger – garlic paste

½ table spoon caron seeds

½ tea spoon red chilli powder

4-5 table spoons gram flour

chaat masala to sprinkle

oil for frying,  salt to taste


: Method :

=   Mix the ginger-garlic paste with caron seeds, salt and red  chilli powder. 

=   Marinate the paneer cubes with this paste till serving time. 

=   At serving time sprinkle gram flour and mix gently to coat the cubes.

=          Heat oil and fry the paneer,  sprinkle chaat masala over it and serve hot.  If possible shallow fry.

Calories = 320

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